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Reflexology is a safe and effective therapeutic modality to assist the whole person in their natural tendency towards wellness. As well as having a role in the maintenance of good health, reflexology is useful in providing relief and supporting recovery after an illness or injury.

The session begins with a consultation which takes lifestyle, nutrition and medical history into account. I will then use my hands to activate reflex points on both feet.

Having their feet treated in this way is a very calming and nurturing experience for many people. The reflexology treatment can help balance energy levels, support the organs in their functioning, and relieve tension and pain. People commonly report a feeling of deep physical and emotional relaxation after a session. In order to promote maximum benefits of the treatment, aftercare advice will be given.

As a Member of the National Register of Reflexologists, Ireland, treatments with me are subsidised by most major health insurers in Ireland, depending on the type of healthcare policy you have.


An iridology session includes a detailed consultation about the person's priorities for their own health and well-being, their lifestyle and diet, and their personal and family medical history. I will then photograph their eyes and together we discuss the iris picture.

Iridology involves the examination and analysis of the coloured portion of the eye, the iris. Each person’s irides are unique and the structure of the iris fibres, as well as colours and markings, reveal a wealth of information about that person’s inherited and acquired tendencies towards health and towards disease. The iris information is helpful in identifying factors that may support attainment of optimum health, as well as in the prevention and treatment of disease. These factors include lifestyle choices, nutrition, and natural healing protocols.

I tailor the advice given in an iridology consultation to have meaning for the client in the context of their own life, and empower the client to maximise their potential for vibrant health.


Biodynamic craniosacral therapy supports the health of the whole person. In particular the nervous system is supported to come into balance. The benefits of this for the client can be profound on physical and emotional levels. The client is fully clothed and the practitioner’s touch is light and still – we palpate subtle movements in the body’s fluid and tissue fields. We recognise the body's inherent wisdom and we do not manipulate or force change.

Throughout the whole body there is a biodynamic health which expresses in rhythms which are very rich in information. In biodynamic craniosacral therapy we palpate these rhythms with our hands, and receive information about the body’s alignment, nervous activity, chemistry and wellbeing of the organs etc. We aim to be present and patient in allowing the client’s system to communicate its health and history freely. In this context the body can release restrictions which have often been held for some time, and natural reorganisation takes place.

The practitioner intends to palpate the underlying biodynamic health, know the anatomy and physiology that is being communicated, and be aware of the whole person in a warm and spacious way. The therapist carefully follows the body's response as to how to proceed, so that the treatment is paced in a safe and appropriate way for each client.