Reflexology is a safe and effective therapeutic modality to assist the whole person in their natural tendency towards wellness. As well as having a role in the maintenance of good health, reflexology is useful in providing relief and supporting recovery after an illness or injury.

The session begins with a consultation which takes lifestyle, nutrition and medical history into account. I will then use my hands to activate reflex points on both feet.

Having their feet treated in this way is a very calming and nurturing experience for many people. The reflexology treatment can help balance energy levels, support the organs in their functioning, and relieve tension and pain. People commonly report a feeling of deep physical and emotional relaxation after a session. In order to promote maximum benefits of the treatment, aftercare advice will be given.

As a Member of the National Register of Reflexologists, Ireland, treatments with me are subsidised by most major health insurers in Ireland, depending on the type of healthcare policy you have.